The Norelco 9700 Shaver

Norelco 9000 Series Shaver

The Worlds Most Comfortable Shave with Norelco 9000 Series

Comfort Settings Choose between 3 modes for max comfort

Multi Directional Heads—Cuts like cut throat razor, close and no hairs missed

Precision V-Track Blades—Shaves closer than any other electric shaver

Super Fast Charging—5 Minutes charge gives you 1 full shave.

Features the incredible Norelco smart clean system and digital interface

Comes with a 2-year guarantee. The 9000 Series Shavers are designed for durability and performance, The 9000 series give the closest shaver ever seen by an electric shaver....Ever.

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The Best Shave You Will Have...EVER! 

The Norelco 9700 Shaver will give you the ultimate experience you have ever had from an electric shaver. The First time you use the 9700 you will be stunned by the comparison to a razor shave.

Clean Shave.
The Technology powering the shaving heads enable them to move in 8 different directions and the curves on the face. No other electric shaver can remove facial hair like the Norelco 9700.

Do It Your Way.
Do you want a wet or dry shave? no problem it is your choice becuase the 9700 can handle both and with exceptional ease.

Hassle Free.
Cleaning can be a pain...Ok don't do it, with the Norelco 9700 you don't have to worry becuase the brilliant in built cleaning system will do it for you.

Battery Power.
With the Lithium Ion battery you get be assured of long last power when you need it most. Fast charge is available too.

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What Makes This Shaver Great....?

Cutting Technology
Philips invested years of research and development into creating a series of cutting blades that will give you a shave like the one you get with a manual razor blade type shave

It's all in the shape.
The Precision blades are V shaped which allows them to cut equally and precisley no matter which position it is laying.

Multi Action Movement
The heads are equipped to move in 8 directions, this means that passing over the same part of skin to cut hair is greatly reduced.

With the 9700 you are able to shave wet or dry and it is great for sensitive skin, with the 9700 your skin will not be left feeling red and sore but smooth and satisfying.

Recommended by Industry Leaders
The Norelco 9700 shaver has won awards for design and for quality of shave, in 2015 and 2016 The Norelco 9000 series of electric shavers was regarded as being in the top 3 for best consumer shaver.

Tom Shelley, Shelley's Salon , New York
"The Norelco 9000 Series of Electric shavers is the ONLY electric shaver I could recommend to my clients. It is the only shaver that comes close to the cut and feel of a manual shave with a blade. It cuts superbly well and does not mark or irritate the skin. If you are on the look out for a great electric shaver then look no further than the 9000 series Norelco."
Tom Shelley, Shelley's Salon, New York

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Norelco Assurance

Worry free purchase
Every serviceable part of Norelco 9000 series shavers come with upto 180 days cover for returns, repairs and replacements. This is standard to our 30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

Replacement Heads
Ensure last ability and durability of your shaver by replacing the head every 12 months, save upto 70% on the purchase price of a brand new shaver by replacing the head.

Replacement Heads are available to purchase HERE > 9700 Replacement Headsdiscounted norelco 9000 shavers

You will love your Norelco Shaver like no other Electric shaver you have owned before.

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The Philips Norelco Smart Clean System

Smart Clean Pro System

What is it and do I need it?
Well the answer to do you need it is that the Smart Clean Pro System comes with the 9000 series, it is not an optional extra you get it inside the box which is a major plus because this device is great. The Smart Clean Pro system takes all the hassle out of owning an electric shaver, the system cleans, lubricates and dry's your shaver with the click of just a single button, it truly is a brilliant time saving system.

The All in One Solution
By using the Smart Clean Pro System you are ensuring that the life of the blades are extended, blades should be changed once a year. The System will also charge your shaver whilst it cleans it. The intuitive smart display allows you to check on the progress of the cleaning cycle. 

Extra smart clean cartridges are available to purchase 

Buy Smart Clean Replacement Cartridges Click HEREBest priced Norelco electric shavers

Compare The Norelco 9700 To Other Shavers

Norelco 9700
Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV81-K
Braun Series 7 799cc-6
Multi Head
Wet & Dry
8 Point Pivot Technology
One Pass Shave
Skin Type Adjust
LCD Display
Fast Charge
Clean and Charge Station
Easy Head Replacement
Beard and Side Trimmer
Made To Fit The Hand With Comfort
Winner of Design Awards
Cuts Hair of Any Length
3 Year Gurantee
After Market Support
Top Rated Customer Support
Incredible Cutting Ability
Comfort Shave Technology

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What Do Buyers Say...?

Philips Norelco 9700 is a excellent product I was very impressed with the packaging and the look of the shaver. I ordered on the Tuesday it arrived on the Thursday which is pleasing for free delivery. The results I have been having have been exceptional for an electric shaver, very smooth with no irritation to the skin. I do like it very much thank you.
Brandon F
5 stars all day long!!! A+++++ All Day Long!!! This electric shaver is a show stopper wet or dry it gives a fantastic shave but I just love the smart cleaning it is incredible , you just pop it in this thing and it sort of makes it new again it is brilliant. You have to get one.
Gil Mont
Never had a Norelco before I have always used Braun shavers, was pretty satisfied with Braun, until I got the 9700 shaver for my Birthday, the difference is huge. The Norelco shave is so much closer and with no rough bits or small bristles left. The 9700 is a very very good shaver.
Vince M
The 9700 is great it is the electric shaver that dreams are made of, beautifully designed and with a weight that feels like real quality. I love the shiny black finish and the chrome edged finish. Arrived next day in a really cool box, everything was packaged with style and was a shame to take it out. The smart clean system is quite light weight but looks amazing too. I charged the 9700 and used on a 5 day growth and it was incredible, the feeling was really something i never thought possible from an electric shaver, I would compare this to a Gillette razor shave, close clean and comfortable. This is the worlds best electric shaver.